Keep allergies under control with air conditioning

Reducing humidity decreases dust mites, pollen and mould growth. Air conditioners help to reduce humidity as well as prevent the exposure of outdoor allergens by trapping them via-filters. This can prove an invaluable solution for those who suffer from allergies such as hayfever.

Air conditioning can greatly improve employee productivity. Employees become less productive if they suffer from allergies. If you have an effective air conditioning unit in place, this can create a more productive environment for your employees.

Air conditioners need maintenance to keep trapping allergens and reducing humidity. Carrying out maintenance checks and changing/cleaning the filters is vital to keeping your air conditioning unit working effectively. If the unit is forced to work harder to push the air through the filter, there could be more costly consequences. With an R Perkins contract you don’t have to worry about maintaining your unit.

Keep your allergies under control by contacting us today to book your air conditioning maintenance.