Improve employee productivity with an effective Air Conditioning system

Recent studies have shown 80% of office workers complain about the temperature of their environment. 50% of offices are considered too hot in summer and 52% considered too cold in winter. Studies have shown that the ideal temperature is between 21.1oc and 25oc but this can vary. Studies have also shown that employees take longer breaks during hot weather and leave work at the normal time. This means working hours are being wasted.

Is your office is too hot or too cold?

Workers become less productive, make more errors and argue when they are too hot or cold. This is because they feel sleepy, uncomfortable and irritable, causing your employees to find it harder to concentrate and creating an unpleasant working environment. No business owner wants this.

Installing air conditioning in your office can solve this problem by creating a more productive environment, meaning your business can keep growing. Also air conditioning can provide better air quality and ventilation.

Investing in air conditioning or loss of work because your employees are too hot or cold. In almost all cases the benefits of air conditioning and employee productivity outweigh the cost.

Here at R Perkins, we offer all your air conditioning requirements, including design, installation, maintenance and repair.