Energy Policy

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Energy Policy Declaration of Commitment

As an integrated part of its environmental policy Perkins Refrigeration Limited is committed to responsible energy management and will seek to utilise energy efficiently throughout all its premises, processes, plant and equipment.

The policy of Perkins Refrigeration Limited is to control energy consumption in order to:

  • Avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness, productivity and working conditions
  • Protect the environment

Perkins Refrigeration Limited’s long term objectives are to:

  • Buy fuels at the most economic cost.
  • Burn and use them as efficiently as is practicable.
  • Reduce the amount of pollution, particularly C02 emissions, caused by our energy consumption.
  • Reduce, wherever possible and practicable, our dependence on fossil fuels through the use of ambient and renewable energy.

Perkins Refrigeration Limited’s immediate aims are to: Safeguard and enhance these savings by establishing and maintaining a management information system designed to ensure that information is delivered to those who need it, on time and in a form which supports their ability to use energy effectively and builds energy awareness into the decision making process.

In the specific workplace, the responsibility for energy use resides with the end user reporting to a budget holder.

Ultimately, all users of energy are accountable to the Perkins Refrigeration Limited Board.

The number of staff employed in energy management; their mix of skills and the amount of investment will correspond with the demands of these activities. All employees will be actively encouraged to contribute to improving energy efficiency.

Performance Review
All energy management activities will be subject to periodic review. The Operations Director will establish progress towards meeting objectives and the cost-effectiveness of individual activities, wherever possible. Perkins Refrigeration Limited will benchmark energy consumption against best practice, where practicable. Auditing of energy management systems will be undertaken as a part of the Perkins Refrigeration Limited environmental audit programme.