Environmental Policy

R Perkins

Environmental Policy

The environment is a subject, which concerns all of us, both in our home lives and at work. R. Perkins & Sons has a long history of caring for the environment and we strive to ensure that all aspects of our operations are constantly reviewed against best practice.

The primary role of our company is to service, maintain, refurbish, transport, sell and install refrigeration equipment. Naturally our activities have an effect on the environment, but is it our policy to implement ongoing business practices and behaviour that will reduce the environmental impact of our Company.

To be tackled effectively, environmental issues require a coherent approach. This policy is the starting point, which will guide future progress and enable longer-term objectives to be set.

The implementation of environmental policy will be monitored by the R. Perkins & Sons Board, which will assist with the setting of objectives and report annually on our environmental performance

R. Perkins & Sons recognises that business has a licence to operate, which is granted by the community. It, therefore, seeks to continue to develop business practices and behaviour, which meet the highest standards of responsibility towards the environment.

R. Perkins & Sons supports the International Chamber of Commerce Business Charter for Sustainable Development, which seeks to establish conditions for economic growth to protect the environment. The Company believes that development and conservation should reinforce each other in pursuit of sustainable growth.

R. Perkins & Sons seeks to go beyond compliance with the law, which it willingly embraces, to achieve in particular, savings of energy and resources, and the reduction of waste and effluent in all its forms.

R. Perkins & Sons wishes to be a good neighbour in all those communities within which it operates and encourages its employees to be active ambassadors of good environmental practice.

In particular R. Perkins & Sons will:

  • Adopt an appropriate environmental management system across its business.
  • Maintain an organisational structure to implement policy.
  • Support the conservation of non-renewable resources and actively encourage reuse, recycling and waste minimisation.
  • Reduce packaging across all products, wherever practicable.
  • Work with our direct suppliers of materials and products to ensure that their environmental policies are compatible with our own.
  • Raise awareness and encourage active commitment to environmental improvement by training employees, so as to establish a sense of individual and collective responsibility for environmental issues.Provide relevant and actual information about R. Perkins & Sons and the environment to interested parties.

Packaging of products serves a major role in our daily lives; it protects products from spoilage, ensures product safety from manufacture through storage and distribution to its end user, communicates information and operating instructions and provides the convenience demanded by today’s customers It is our task to develop safe packaged products using the most efficient and appropriate packaging materials, with a view to satisfying our customers’ requirements and expectations.

R. Perkins & Sons is committed to policies aimed at reducing the impact of packaging on the environment. We are constantly looking for packaging solutions which:

  • Minimise the negative impact on the environment of some forms of packaging
  • Minimise the amount of waste to be disposed of at all stages of package manufacturing, utilisation and disposal
  • Avoid all undesirable substances, which can have a negative impact on the environment during manufacture and disposal of our packages.

Regular assessment are carried out and action plans are defined in order to :

  • Reduce the weights and volumes of our packages and to increase the use of recycled materials, wherever possible
  • Make our packages easily recyclable and compatible with existing collecting and recycling schemes.
  • Support all industry and government efforts to promote an integrated waste management approach, which takes into consideration source reduction, reuse, and recycling, composting, incineration with energy recovery and landfill
  • Support new packaging materials and processes, which have a positive effect on the environment
  • Require suppliers to take into account environmental aspects when producing packaging

Legislation and Regulations
It is the policy of R. Perkins & Sons to strictly comply with all laws and regulations relevant to our activities. We participate in discussions on food legislation and regulations between international organisation, government representatives, industry and scientific world and consumer associations. We also apply this policy to environment related matters.

In doing so, we co-operate with legislators through trade/industry associations in order to promote laws and regulations in the field of environment which are reasonable, rational, realistic, applicable and enforceable. We oppose unjustified bans and any other discriminatory measures.

Thanks to all these synergies, we can contribute to valuable discussions and be recognised as an active partner in helping authorities to formulate comprehensive strategies in the field of the environment.